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10/10: Good Shepherd Team Hosts Peace of Bread

The Good Shepherd team will be serving at the Peace of Bread Community Kitchen on Wednesday, October 10th. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Mary Archambault at 508-278-2285 . Those willing to help with cooking and preparation should arrive by 3:00. Servers should arrive by 5:00. Peace of Bread is located in the basement of the United Presbyterian Church at 51 Cottage Street, Whitinsville.

Father Larry’s Homily from 9/24

Check our Father Larry’s Homily from 9/24

09/30: Mass with Bishop McManus and Parish Center Dedication

Next Sunday, September 30 at the 10AM Mass Bishop Robert McManus will be with us to dedicate the former school building as the Good Shepherd Parish Center. After the dedication there will be an open house and light refreshments. Please plan to be part of this celebration.

12/3 and 12/10: Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of Faith

Do we really know what our faith is all about?

For most of us, our education in this extremely rich and sometime complex faith ended when we made our Sacrament of Confirmation. And in those formative years when it was the perfect time for our faith to grow, it remained stagnant. Thus, the majority of we Catholics continue to understand our faith at the level when we were adolescents.

The treasure of our faith hand down by Jesus Christ to his Apostles remains and will always be the single richest treasure we own. Yet we somehow have lost the key to opening the deposit box. And in losing the key, we lose the opportunity to hand down our faith to future generations.

As we approach this time in the Church that has been appropriately called “The New Evangelization” it is more important than ever for all of us to grasp a greater and richer understanding of what it means to be Catholic. We need to better informed Catholics so we can pass this heritage to our children and grandchildren. We must also never be hesitant to give a good explanation and defense of our faith with love and compassion, as St. Peter requests of us.

Beginning on September 17th, Good Shepherd will sponsor a ten week program to all interested adults who desire to learn more about their faith. This program is from the ground breaking series on “Catholicism” that was shown on EWTN last year and hosted my renowned Catholic speaker, Theologian and Seminary Professor Father Robert Baron. This 10 week program offers a diverse variety of topics such as Jesus, the Son of God,, Mary, the Apostles Peter and Paul, the Communion of Saints, the Mystical Body of the Church, Heaven and Hell, and so much more. Father Baron’s personal approach in discussing these topics are enjoyable, easy to understand, and are shown with a rich and beautiful musical accompaniment that take place in virtually every venue in the world.

This program will be held in the Church Hall on Monday evenings and will coincide with the time when our student will be in religious education (6:30pm) as the program is highly encouraged for all parents of our students. However, this program is open for all parishioners.

We at Good Shepherd hope and pray that every family in our community will take advantage of this program. We hope to see you there. And may God bless you in this lifelong journey that we call the Catholic faith.

Father Larry’s Homily 9/16

Check out Father Larry’ Homily from Sunday, September 16th:

Children & Youth Ministry: Vacation Bible School – Not Just for Summer.

We are developing a new plan for Vacation Bible School Events throughout the year. This plan will help build interest and support during the year and help the program to grow. Below is our schedule with a brief synopsis for each event. We will follow the Religious Education calendar thus beginning our activities in the fall. Please watch for the event flyers to come home from Religious Education. Events will also be displayed on the bulletin board by the Mary Chapel and the Ministry Display at the back of the church.


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Interested in the Youth Choir?

Youth choir is starting up again! If you enjoy singing the songs at the 10 o’clock mass, and you are in 2nd grade or older, you can join the Youth Choir. We have had people from 2nd to 6th grade, and we would love to have YOU too!

Just come to the piano at 9 AM on any Sunday morning, and we will rehearse the music we will sing at 10.