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02/27 /2014 and 03/01/2014: Living the Eucharist Meetings for Liturgical Ministers

There will be meetings for all Liturgical Ministers, except altar servers to prepare for the Living the Eucharist Program. Ministers can choose one of these 2 days to attend:

  • Thursday, Feb. 27, 6 PM in the Parish Hall
  • Saturday, March 1, 1 PM in the Parish Hall.

02/02-02/03 Religious Education Update

Here is your Religious Education Update for Sunday, February 2nd- Monday February 3rd:

Little Lambs
This week the Little Lambs learned about the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. Mary and Joseph brought Jesus when he was 8 days old into the Temple. They were poor, so the offering they gave was two small birds. The priest Simeon and the prophetess Anna saw Jesus and both knew that he was the Son of God.

First Grade
This week, the first graders reviewed everything they learned about Following Jesus, Jesus Sends the Holy Spirit, Jesus Teaches Us to Share, God Chooses Mary, and Celebrating Christmas.

Third Grade
This week, the third graders learned about the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. They learned that Jesus is the Messiah and that children their age can spread the light of love the way Jesus did.

Fourth Grade
This week, the fourth graders learned that Jesus is the light of the world. They learned that February is Black History Month and that celebrating the Eucharist makes us the Body of Christ.

Ash Wednesday Mass and Services

Ash Wednesday is on March 5th and there will be four opportunities to receive ashes. These include:

  • 8:45 Mass and Ashes at Good Shepherd
  • 11:00 Mass and Ashes at Crowne and Eagle (Off East Hartford Ave)
  • 3:30 Service of the Word and Ashes at Good Shepherd
  • 7:00 Mass and Ashes at Good Shepherd.

03/08-03/09 2014: Walking History Tour of Good Shepherd

A thirty minute walking history tour of Good Shepherd Church will be held on the weekend of March 8 and March 9 following each mass. Your tour guide Roger Poulin will bring to life the history of this 110 year old parish. You will get to explore:

  • What’s the history of the village of Linwood?
  • Why was Good Shepherd Church built?
  • Who designed and built the church?
  • Who named it?
  • Who were some of the first parishioners and what was it like here at Good Shepherd 100 years ago?
  • Learn about the rectory, parish school and the convent which housed the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary from St. Hyacinth, Quebec and much more!

Whether you are new to the parish or to the area, or you have been here for ages, you will have an opportunity to learn about why Good Shepherd Church is still a vibrant faith community after all these years. All are welcome! Just meet Roger at the center doors of the church following mass.

04/05/2014: 14th Annual Diocesan Catholic Men’s Conference

All men are invited to this important annual conference scheduled for the DCU center in Worcester on Saturday, April 5. Hear dynamic talks from outstanding Catholic leaders: New England Patriots’ Kevin Reilly, Catholic biblical writer Steve Ray, popular theologian Christopher West, Sirius radio host Gus Lloyd, and Relevant Radio’s Father Frank “Rocky” Hoffman. Bishop McManus will
offer Mass and priests will hear confessions. For a conference brochure, further information, or registration call 508-929-4345. Brochures are at church entrances.

02/09-02/10: Religious Education Update

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01/26-27: Religious Education Update

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