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The Parish Financial Report is now available

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Parish Report

Preparations Underway for Blessings of Hope Mission 2015

Following the success of this year’s Blessings of Hope Mission, planning is already well underway for 2015. On October 6th the Youth Ministry held an informational meeting for next years service weeks, with close to 50 youth in attendance. With interest on the rise, next year’s Mission will be split into two separate teams.

Fundraising for Service Weeks is already underway. On September 13th youth raised $374 by sponsoring a car wash. Participants were extremely generous in their donations, with Youth Ministry surpassing monies raised from last year’s car wash, even with fewer cars.

Nearly a dozen parishioners have also stepped forward to sponsor a banana box, which they will fill over the course of the year with such items as shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bar soap, men’s deodorant, women’s deodorant, toilet paper, and school supplies. After all masses next weekend (October 18 & 19) the youth of our parish will be seeking donations of $5 per mile as part of their Buy-A-Mile Campaign. The youth are attempting to get sponsors for each mile they will be
driving next summer. In return, sponsors will receive a certificate of sponsorship. All monies raised will defray the cost of the individual’s service week fees. All donations are tax-deductible.

The relationship between Good Shepherd Parish and Blessings of Hope continues to grow, as two separate denominations of Christianity come together to do God’s work to support the poor. On Sunday, October 12th Good Shepherd was pleased to welcome the King family from Blessings of Hope to Mass. The King family was one of the families who housed Good Shepherd youth during their service week at Blessings of Hope. Following Mass they joined parishioners for a Pot Luck Lunch.

As the Youth prepare for next year’s Services Weeks please support them in whatever way you can, and be sure to check out the bulletin for upcoming fundraising activities.

11/14/2014: Childrens’ Service Night

Join us for Childrens’ Service Night on November 14 from 6-8 PM on the parish Hall. Here, children grades 1-5 will learn to serve others by baking quick breads for Thanksgiving baskets).

Please consider bringing your children to these safe, fun-filled nights in our church hall. They will be a wonderful alternative to sitting around watching TV. All parents are invited to stay and join in the fun!

“Proclaim the Good News” : New Evangelization and Outreach Team

A new ministry has been formed to help spread the “Good News” here at
Good Shepherd. Our new Evangelization and Outreach Team has been
working together for the past couple of months sharing ideas and ways to
promote the New Evangelization.

The first agenda item for our team was to create a mission statement.
After a few revisions, our mission statement is as follows: “With the
guidance of the Holy Spirit, our mission is to energize the parish through
its ministries by developing and sponsoring programs that invite people
to Jesus and to explore the beauty and power of the Catholic Church;
build people to intentional discipleship; and send them out to help others
discover the best way to live through our Good Shepherd Jesus Christ.”
Our first exciting project will be sending care packages in November
called “Love from Home” to our students away at college. If you have
a daughter/son or grandchild at college and would like us to send them
a package, just send their names and addresses to us by placing them in
the collection basket with “Love from Home” on the envelope or mail
them to the rectory.

We need all names and addresses by the weekend of October 25-26.We
will let you know how you can help in the next few weeks.

Roger Poulin, Evangelization and Outreach Team Coordinator

10/07/2014: Social Justice and Charity Committee Meets

The Charity & Social Justice Committee will meet in the senior room on Tuesday, October 7 at 6:30 PM to begin planning the Thanksgiving and Christmas outreach programs. If you have been looking for a way to become involved in the parish, this might be for you! The time commitment is not extensive and we always welcome new faces and ideas!!