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12/26-12/27: New Day and Food Pantry Outreach

Food Pantry and New Day Outreach

“…I assure you, as often as you did it for one of my least brothers, you did it for me.” Matthew 26:40 On the last full weekend of each month, we have an opportunity to respond to Jesus’ call for us to help those in need. Next weekend, December 26 & 27, is our Food Pantry and New Day Outreach weekend.

Food Pantry

This month our donations will go to the Northbridge Association of Churches Food Pantry in Whitinsville. Please purchase an extra item or two when you do your shopping this week and bring them to church next weekend. Just a note: Food pantries are not allowed to distribute any food items that have expired; they have to throw them away. Please check expiration dates carefully if you bring an item from your home!!

New Day

Monies received in the Good Shepherd Church replica on the last full weekend of each month are used to help individuals and families from our parish, and also to support various community causes. Your generosity each month enables us to continue to help those in need

Food for the Poor Outreach

Next weekend we will welcome Rev. Robert W. Nalley from Food for the Poor. He will speak to us about their ministry providing direct relief to the poor throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Fr. Nalley was ordained for the Diocese of Gaylord in 1975. He was Director of Priestly Life and Chair of the Presbyteral Council for the Diocese. In addition to preaching on behalf of Food for the Poor he is involved in a variety of Diocesan projects and is the Diocesan Judicial Vicar.

01/10/2016: Three Kings Festival

All are welcome to our Jesus in January event the “Three King’s Festival: Wise Men at the Door”. It will be held on Sunday January 10, 2016 from 12 noon until 2:00 pm in the parish hall beginning with a pot luck lunch. We ask that you take a picture of your front door (not the whole house just the door) and bring it with you when you come.

How many people come through your door each week? Is it just you and members of your household? Do you welcome friends, guest or strangers? Would you let the Three Wise Men in? We will explore these questions and more at the Festival. Invite family, friends and neighbors to come along. A sign-up sheet for the pot luck lunch is in the Mary Chapel after all masses this weekend and next.

Christmas and New Years Masses

Come celebrate Christmas at Good Shepherd.

Thursday, December 24th:

  • Christmas Eve Mass and Pageant: 4:00 PM
  • Christmas Eve Choir Mass: 10:00 PM

Friday, December 25th

  • Christmas Day Mass: 10:00 AM

Thursday, December 31st

  • Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God 4:00 PM

Friday, January 1st

  • Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God: 10:00 AM

Good Shepherd Launches New “Not So Random Acts of Kindness” Initiative.

To celebrate what Pope Francis has called the “Year of Mercy,” Good Shepherd is launching a new initiative called Not So Random Acts of Kindness. It is aimed at coming together as a parish community to serve Jesus by serving those in need. While as Catholics we are often drawn to show kindness and mercy to others, this initiative is meant to bring us together to reflect on the positive impact we are making in our communities and to mutually support one another in Christ’s mission.

Here’s how it works. Before you come to church each week, take a moment to reflect on any acts of kindness you performed that you want to present to God. Then, simply write them down on one of the slips of paper we will have available in the newly-created Mercy Room, (keeping them anonymous) and symbolically present them to God in the baskets at the back of the church and in the Mary Chapel. Acts will be displayed in the Mercy Room not to point out individuals (as again it is important they remain anonymous) but to demonstrate the strength and passion of our parish community. Acts will later be taken down and burned as a symbolic offering to God at one of the masses.

Our mission is to provide a means to encourage and drive one another to continue God’s mission not just within these walls but in our surrounding community. For while each of us can make a meaningful impact, collectively we can do something truly extraordinary.

For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page. You can download copies of our Kindness cards here.

Please join us in this initiative, for with your participation there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

Not So Random Acts of Kindness: FAQs

What is the goal of this initiative?

The overarching goal of this initiative is to do God’s work and carry his message beyond these parish walls. We want to encourage parishioners to not just look at their parish as a place to attend Mass each week, rather we want to encourage a sense of community and purpose that continues on throughout the week. It is a means to promote a sense of discipleship.

Why do we call it “Not so Random.” If I see a random opportunity to show kindness shouldn’t I take it?

Not so random simply refers to the fact that as Catholics we are called by Jesus to show kindness and mercy to others. These acts can be both premeditated and impromptu, but we don’t perform them randomly per se; rather we continue to seek out opportunities to support others.

Why write them down. Isn’t the point of charity to do so without recognition?

Yes, the purpose is not to seek recognition, which is why we ask that all acts remain anonymous. Writing them down provides a means for us to reflect upon those acts and to consciously seek out opportunities that we can then present to God. Displaying these acts is done as a means to encourage and drive one another and demonstrate our strength and commitment as a parish community.

I volunteer at the same place every week. Can I write the same thing each week?

Not So Random Acts of Kindness is not only focused on bringing the parish together but also on building your own relationship with God. We are not defining what you should and should not consider acts of kindness. What we are encouraging is  for people to seek out new opportunities to support others as a way of strengthening our faith and discipleship.

I helped someone as part of my Not So Random Acts of Kindness, but I don’t want them to feel like a charity case. How can I still present this to God without them knowing?

Your acts of kindness are between you and God. You can be as cryptic as you want when you write them down. The actual details behind your act of kindness are between you and God.

How long will this initiative go on?

At this point we are planning to continue throughout the Year of Mercy. At its conclusion we will re-evaluate.

How many acts can I submit each week?

As many as you want. You can take as many slips of paper from the church as you want and can also print copies from this website.

I’m going to be away but still want to participate while I am gone. How can I do this?

If you would still like to submit acts of kindness while away you can fill out a sheet and send to and the slip will be printed and placed in the basket.

Has this been done before?

Similar initiatives are done elsewhere. Milford Hospital has a white board where volunteers mark down each time they helped someone. The book “ONE SIMPLE ACT”, Discovering the Power of Generosity, by Debbie Macomber, includes lots of ideas and suggestions for performing acts of kindness. She writes, “When we find something we love, we want to share it with others and spread the joy. Right? That is how I feel about simple acts of generosity. I have had some encounters with generosity-as the recipient, the giver, the witness-that have had a profoundly life-changing impact on me. I’ve just got to share the stories!”